Businesses Might be Forced to Remove Macs from the Picture

Apple’s last conference left a lot of people very excited for their next product’s main attraction, the Retina display. Some of the features of the new Mac could make a great addition to any workforce. It helps that the MacBook Pro is able to run multiple monitors without a problem. Another being how cool the Mac stays under the pressure of running those monitors. But there are a lot of issues waiting for the business consumer that are easily overlooked because of society’s general obsession with Apple products. Specifically, Going Green. We’ve installed recycling bins on every street corner (at least as observed in NY/NJ), we use ecofriendly water bottles, compostable potato chip bags, recycling bins specifically for plastic bags are in every grocery and paper speakers amp up our phones. So how is it that Apple’s latest computer has moved so far away from those efforts?

The latest MacBook Pro with Retina has been deemed “The least Repairable Laptop” on the market. Perhaps a consumer could overlook the fact that the new Retina machine does not have an Ethernet port. Maybe they could get excited for the  three monitor hook up because of the graphics it enables. Let’s not even discuss the fact that Apple can no longer claim to be virus free. Most will probably even look past the fast that the outdated technology (RAM and Processors compared to competitors) will not stand the test of a year’s time.  “Fine, I can update the parts, add an ethernet” Macheads might immediately chime in. However, being “the least repairable laptop” means that you no longer can just update any piece on your own. It means that repair costs go up and so do the spare pieces needed to make a more complete laptop. More importantly, it means the government can’t purchase the machines. Before anyone gets upset claiming government control over everything, I would like to point out that the regulation only asks that the machine be easily disassembled to recycle. Seems like a noble cause to us.

Apple’s new release just doesn’t stand the poor-economy-consumer test. What’s to come for the environmentally friendly folks who want a compostable laptop Apple just recently boasted? In a profit driven world there is no room for wallet comfort, and certainly no room for ecofriendly.

Apple actually accomplished a lot of things for their business and yours. They can return their product to being exclusive, because those with their senses intact will doubtfully purchase a computer that cannot be updated for anything less than Apple charges. The MacBook Pro with Retina will return Macs to Designers, who need the graphics, but don’t need constant contact with the internet and conversely will not be receiving viruses from its use. As an entrepreneur, no one expects companies who have switched to Mac to switch to Windows, but during the next update, you will be forced to reconsider shelling out a thousand dollars for a laptop that loses a the basic functions a business uses, the internet. If the government can’t stand behind a private company that accounts for much of the U.S. imports, how could you?


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